Sunday, June 2, 2013

Iran's shah-in-waiting on democracy promotion tour

Reza Pahlavi is in Toronto this weekend to denounce the upcoming Iranian elections and hobnob with Canadian politicians.

Denouncing elections apparently qualifies as "democracy promotion" at the Toronto Star.

Once you acquaint yourself with Pahlavi's agenda it's not hard to see what he's really promoting; himself as the next Supreme Leader of Iran. And why not? He does come from a long line of noteworthy democracy activists and is looked on with favour by dozens of wealthy Iranian expatriates.

And by certain Western politicians.

Pahlavi is speaking metaphorically when he says he'd be dead the moment he stepped off a plane in Tehran. He understands full well that he has zero support on the ground, and couldn't win a free and fair election against Ahmadinejad or anyone else.

Speaking of "anyone else," it is apparently an indictment of the Iranian theocracy that "only" eight candidates have been approved to run for president. That's six more than the citizens of the world's greatest democracy had to choose from last November.

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