Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obama does Africa

Obama is over on the Dark Continent spreading the good news about democracy and freedom and investment.

His hosts in Senegal proved that all that democracy talk didn't fall on deaf ears. Within 24 hours they had arrested the former dictator of neighbouring Chad, who has been enjoying a tranquil retirement in the country for well over two decades.

Hissene Habre has long been fingered by the Euro-American human rights industry as a really bad dude. This is in keeping with the Euro-American human rights industry's tradition of being able to find war criminals in every African capital, but none in the capitals of the West.

As happenstance would have it, the entirety of Habre's reign of terror in Chad would not have been possible without the generous support of Paris and Washington.

Lest we forget, that was an era wherein the Nations of Virtue were extra-busy trying to trip up our arch-nemesis Gaddafi. Habre was considered a valuable ally in that venture.

Times change...

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