Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Youths who drink and smoke pot are more likely to suffer brain injuries

Well no shit!

It took a study to figure that out, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Hell, practically any youth could have told them that.

I was a youth once myself, and while that alone may make one prone to risk-taking and general assholery, you cannot deny that the potential for mayhem increases exponentially when you stir booze and drugs into the mix.

Surprise your friends on the fifteenth floor by climbing the balconies instead of taking the elevator! See them marvel as you slam your 500 Kawi triple through the gears with the front wheel never touching the pavement! Tell those bodybuilders who just walked into the bar you've been in for six hours that they look gay! Do a 7000 rpm burnout in front of a cop car just to see if they'll take the bait!

That's what youths do on booze and dope, because they're youths and they know nothing could ever happen to them.

So now we have this damned study to spoil the fun...

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