Tuesday, June 25, 2013

N-word nds Paula Deen's career

Hard to believe! As a white gal growing up in small-town Georgia in the 50's the n-word might have passed Paula's lips on occasion? Who can even imagine such a thing?

Alas, the neo-Puritans who live for these controversies are making sure that Paula pays the price. The n-word is the property of avante-guard (black) rappers and (black) film-makers, and all unauthorized use of said word hurts the feelings of black people generally and enrages the self-appointed white do-gooders who are determined to enforce politically correct speech.

Enforcing politically correct speech is a profoundly critical mission. It allows vast swaths of white America to feel virtuous in their imagined liberalism. Both the n-word and those who would use it are banished to the dustbin of history.

As long as we do not have our ears offended with the grating vulgarity of the n-word, we can comfortably put out of mind the fact that 150 years after emancipation there remain some striking differences between black America and white America.

Black America lags white America by 15 percentage points in high school graduation rates. That goes up to 20 points at the college level.

Black America is twice as likely to be unemployed, and black pay lags white pay by 25 to 30%.

Black America is six times as likely to go to prison.

And surely it comes as no surprise that, after living a lifetime in a society in denial about its systemic racism, those living in a black skin die sooner.

But as long as nobody uses the n-word, everything is hunky dory!

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