Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moderate triumphs in Iran presidential elections

After months of reassuring the Western public that Iran was a dictatorship and that the election was meaningless, the New York Times et al have overnight discovered a de facto moderate among the candidates.

Not only that, but the moderate has won!

Maybe Iran is at some level a functioning democracy after all?

Alas, the election of Hassan Rowhani will be little more than a temporary setback for the bomb-Iran crowd. In the weeks to come he will surely make statements betraying his allegiance to Iran's interests rather than to those of Washington and Tel Aviv.

The enemies of the Islamic Republic will quickly grow nostalgic for the bombastic Ahmadinejad. He was easy to portray as a dangerous and unbalanced buffoon.

President Rowhani will be a much more sinister adversary.

Launch the propaganda machine into overdrive!

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