Sunday, June 2, 2013

Where will Israel dump all those black refugees? Join our "Pass the Schwartze" pool and win money!

The news that Israel has agreed with an unnamed third country to take thousands of African refugees off her hands has led to all manner of speculation.

Just who could that unnamed third country be?

There are 193 counties in the world. Who will be the lucky recipient of these refugees?

Here at Falling Downs we've taken a page out of Sheldon's playbook and made a game of chance out of it. Current events are so much more riveting when you've got money on the line!

So for twenty bucks you can join our "Pass the Schwartze" pool. Just send us the twenty bucks and your best guess of which country will relieve Israel of this humanitarian burden.

Pool money will be divied up amongst those who choose correctly, pending official confirmation via mainstream news media.

The house will of course keep a modest administration fee.

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