Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why Montreal should just say "no" to Bernie Eccelstone and his F1 circus

The Canadian edition of Bernie's F1 circus goes this weekend, and Canadian media are full of angst about whether Bernie's circus will come back next year.

A goodly chunk of the F1 circus now hails from what were not too long ago referred to as "developing countries."

There is a reason for that.

If a few of the locals were to declare an independent state up here in the Bruce in the next six months, Bernie would be more than happy to slot in a Formula One race next year provided we paid an adequate fee for the privilege.

We could be hosting Wiarton Willie's Grand Prix, just like that!

As long as we paid enough money up front.

Apparently Bernie and the F1 juggernaut are not happy with the money they are wringing out of Montreal, said to be in the range of 15 millions for the privilege of hosting a Grand Prix.

It is rumored that virtually every other host nation pays more.

That's a pretty sweet arrangement for Bernie's F1 circus.

Here's a thought; why don't the mayors of all the F1 host cities get together and tell Big Bernie that he can run his races in whatever cities HE pays the most to race in. After all, without a track, F1 would cease to exist.

It would seem much more advantageous to the city of Montreal if F1 was paying them instead of the other way round.

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