Monday, June 3, 2013

Government of Canada joins Google in Big Tent

Having FM John Baird appear in an official government photo release with the Google Big Tent logo must be quite a coup in the world of product placement.

For Canada.

Yup, Baird's a big boy now!

Speaking on stage at the Google Big Tent  event, no less!

And this innovative diplomacy thing is quite something too; close the embassy in Tehran and put up a website instead.

Wow! That's some forward thinking.

Note the missionary zeal of Canada's national purpose; "to ensure that those living in closed societies have the opportunity to access a life of freedom and prosperity themselves..."

A website will do that?

As for that "closed society" nonsense, this is typical uninformed Baird boilerplate. Every year millions of Iranian tourists travel outside the country, and millions of outsiders visit Iran.

Iran is no utopia, but it is hardly a closed society.

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