Saturday, June 1, 2013

So much stupidity, so little time...

Even though Francis Fukuyama authoritatively declared the final triumph of imbecility twenty-five years ago, it's impossible to open a newspaper without realizing that politicians the world over conduct themselves as though it's still "game-on."

There are at least a dozen stories that demand a good skewering today, and I fear I don't even know where to start.

Over in NATO's weakest link the wily but not-too-bright Erdogan is up a stump of his own making. Anti-Erdogan rioting has spread to multiple cities, and the media want us to believe that these "protests" are about resistance to a shopping mall! The flames are burning so bright that no less a moral arbiter than Noam Chomsky has been provoked to comment.

The protests in Turkey are the result of Erdogan's slow but steady progress down the Sharia highway to Shariaville. Today we ban booze, next week we ban Bon Jovi... it's a slippery slope, mark my words.

Had the glorious victory over the Alawite infidels next door played out the way his NATO betters convinced him it would, much could be forgiven. Alas, the wily-as-Erdogan but substantially brighter Assad refused to follow the script, and we know the rest. Odds are Assad will still be in power long after Erdogan takes a teaching post at Princeton.

Still in the "hoist by his own petard" department, the hapless Hollande has given an interview at France 24 which confirms our worst fears; the man has utterly no clue what he's doing. He wants to eliminate Islamic terrorists from Africa but arm them in Syria.

Makes perfect sense to me...

He'll be on the faculty of an Ivy League university not long after Erdogan.

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