Friday, June 13, 2014

Angelina Jolie tries on "public intellectual" cap

Move over BHL; Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is going to give you a run in the unctuous public moralizer sweeps.

France's most grating gift to public discourse, the man who single-handedly toppled Libyan strong-man Gaddafi (see the Oaf of Tobruk), now has some competition in the realm of world-class pontification by persons with no clue as to what they're talking about.

Mind you, a three-day get-together in London by a few thousand government-funded "civil society" types, to discuss "ending rape in war and conflict" does sound like a do-gooders wet dream.

After all, who could possibly be against ending rape in war and conflict?

And the fact that Angelina co-chaired this shindig with British Foreign Secretary Willy Hague attests to the import this issue has in the halls of power...

Or not.

While Hague was waxing wise in London, the country that Britain and the US "liberated" in 2003 was being over-run by Islamic fundamentalists. As Foreign Secretary, a skeptic might suggest he's had bigger balls to keep his eye on than the noble but tragically whimsical quest to eliminate rape during war and conflict.

While I hate to be the party-pooper, I can tell you right now, no fancy London con-fab required, when rape will be eliminated from war and conflict.

Rape will be eliminated from war and conflict when war and conflict are eliminated.

In the meantime, the do-gooders could focus on doing something about eliminating rape in the college dorms of their home towns.

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