Thursday, June 26, 2014

Those Alberta tar-sands pipelines will NEVER happen

Which is a good thing. There's already been more than enough "development" of the tar sands without the Northern Gateway and the Keystone XL.

Upping the commitment to new pipelines just means upping the commitment to more rapacious development. As far as I can tell, Big Oil has been getting more than enough tar sludge to market without new pipelines.

I worked out there in the '70's. We were outfitting highway tractors with double and triple axles and stretched wheelbases so they could carry that sludge from the tar-pits to the refineries. It was economically viable then; otherwise we wouldn't have been doing it.

But we are led to believe that the entire tar-sands project now requires pipelines all over the continent,

Today's supreme court decision re: Native land claims is a stake through the heart of Northern Gateway. There's no possible way Big Oil can get all the aboriginal ducks in a row to give this the thumbs up.

Which is a good thing.

Unfettered tar sands development needs brakes, not breaks.

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