Saturday, June 21, 2014

Harper gang back-pedalling on anti-worker agenda

Don't kid yourself; this isn't driven by principle; it's driven by the realization that the next federal election looms closer every day, and they might need your vote.

Just in case the slavish unquestioning support of everything Likud or anti-Russian doesn't do it for them.

So Jason Kenney just noticed that his Temporary Foreign Worker program was working just as it should; making Canadian workers more "flexible". He noticed this because some of the media big boys got on the case we've been making for well over two years, that the TFW program screws Canadian workers, which was the intention all along.

Now another favourite strategy of Harper's base is coming under scrutiny; the unpaid intern. That's where folks work for free in the hope of getting a foot in the door or a reference or something to put on their resume.

Work for free?

Isn't that slavery?

No, actually it's worse than that. In the bad old slavery days the slave owner had an obligation to feed and house his slaves.

Unpaid interns are on their own. Food and shelter is their problem; they cover it with their non-existent pay.

Or their parents cover it.

This obviously creates a situation where kids from the right part of town can afford to work for free and then segue into real jobs, whereas the rest of the kids can keep working at McDonald's.

So don't assume that the Harper gang is going soft. This back-pedalling is not about a new-found love for Canada's working class; it's about an election in the air and Harper needing your vote.

Do the right thing.

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