Monday, June 16, 2014

Canada will continue to condemn all religiously motivated attacks

That's a quote from Andrew Bennett, the littlest dog at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Maternal Health, Mineral Extraction, Mining Affairs, Human Development, and Foreign Aid. Usually it's just the Big Dog, John Baird, who gets to append his name to the stink-bombs flying out of Foreign Affairs HQ.

Bennett, who was allegedly Dean or Rector or Principal or Provost or President of some private Christian College with an enrollment of four or five, (as in four or five, not forty or fifty or four or five hundreds, or, heaven help us, thousands!) was hand-picked by Big Steve to guide the newly-created "Religious Freedom" portfolio through the treacherous shoals of participatory democracy.

The Big Dog keeps him on such a short leash we've hardly had a chance to get to know him!

Maybe he too bristles at the thought of yet another undiplomatic stink-bomb, especially if he has to attach his name to it.

But that's what we do best here in the Confederation of Condemnation.

Screw the veterans, slash defence spending, commit unknown and unknowable billions to the pig that can't fly, but talk the biggest toughest game on the world stage.

By the way, if you scrutinize that title real close, ("critical thinking", I think it's called...) you'll realize that what the Canuck Condemnation Crew is really saying is, "thumbs up for attacking those ______________________________  (fill in the blank), and we appreciate all attacks on pinkos, liberals, leftists, marxists, leninists, stalinists, socialists, environmentalists, and, especially, Islamists, just so long as your attacks are not "religiously motivated".

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