Sunday, June 15, 2014

BBC presents proof of Putin's perfidy in Eastern Ukraine

Here it is.

Yes, no less an authority than an anonymous senior officer with NATO has confirmed to the BBC that Russia has indeed supplied those dodgy Donetsk separatists with T-64 tanks, and they've got the satellite images to prove it.

Russian Army bigs would do this because they have no idea that NATO has spy satellites. Imagine their surprise when they read this article tonight!

Yes, it would seem we've caught out the Ruskies in another big fat lie!

Quite aside from the fact that those tanks have plenty of propaganda value but virtually no strategic value, a casual observer might want to be a little skeptical about the BBC story.

After all, this is the same BBC that was busy convincing us that Saddam had an entire infrastructure of doom ready to unleash on the Nations of Virtue at 45 minutes notice. If you recall, we had plenty of definitive satellite image proof then as well.

While the fallout from BBC's flawed reporting in 2003 continues to reverberate to this day, that in no way slows down our free press from fanning the flames of yet another war by spreading self-serving propaganda supplied by those most keenly invested in pursuing it.

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