Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why is US Navy shipping AK-47 ammo?

As everybody knows, none of the services in the US, and none of the NATO partners use the AK-47, so why would the US Navy do exhaustive testing on how to safely ship AK-47 ammo?

This is a story that goes back to KJ Libberts original test report in '93, which oddly enough is no longer available for perusal by the public.

When we look at the mess we made in the Middle East, where we're now supporting a wide range of disparate clans and parties and ethnic groups, many of whom are warring on one another, and all of whom use the AK-47 as their primary instrument of communication, it's not hard to see why Libbert and his uppers in the USN had to do some hard-core testing to make sure US packaging was up to snuff when we're shipping vast quantities of ammo around the globe on behalf of our "enemies".

In short, even back in '93 America knew we'd eventually have to sell guns and ammo to darn near everybody, just to keep the balance of payments balanced.

Mechanical Engineer Libbert, bless his soul, could not have forseen that most of America's enemies at the time would now be people we're shipping AK-47 ammo to.

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