Saturday, June 14, 2014

Baird been busy; two condemnations and a congratulatory press release in one day!

Check it out.

The congrats are for the brave Afghan people, especially the women, who voted in the Presidential run-off to determine which western flunky will take the reins of power from our flunky Karzai.

This is most probably a moot question. Whoever is the lucky winner will be lucky to get their loot out of the country once the last US troops leave. Canadian troops, by the way, are long gone, even though we promised the brave Afghans time and time again that "we're not the sort to cut and run."

Then we have the condemnation of the downing of a "large Ukrainian military plane". That plane was ferrying Poroshenko's storm troopers to the east to slaughter his own people. Of course, "slaughtering their own people" is what the guys we don't like do. When our friends do it, it's somehow Russia's fault.

That was the case when 48 pro-separation demonstrators died in Odessa on 2 May. Trapped in a building set alight by a fascist mob, most of the demonstrators were beaten to death or shot to death when they tried to escape the inferno. Canada was gravely concerned, but it was clearly Russia's fault.

Baird's other condemnation today was for the kidnappers of three Israeli teens from an illegal settlement in the occupied territories. Of course that should be condemned, as should the illegal settlements, as should the IDF killing of two Palestinian teens on 15 May, as should the fact that hundreds of Palestinian teens are incarcerated in Israeli jails, as should any number of abominations committed by our besties in the Middle East.

What's most galling about Baird's press releases is that they always claim to speak for "Canada", as in "Canada condemns" or "Canada congratulates"...

Foreign Affairs should post a disclaimer notifying the world that John Baird speaks for John Baird and his Conservative Party, not for Canada.

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