Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Egypt government rushes to secure borders... Israel's borders!

Less than a year after the Western-backed overthrow of the democratically elected Morsi government, the "new" democratically elected government of General Abdel al-Sisi isn't wasting any time showing who they're governing for.

Al-Sisi is rushing troops to the Israel-Egypt border to prevent terror attacks against Israel.

While preventing terror attacks against anyone is always a great idea, the optics in this case aren't going to endear the al-Sisi regime to the Egyptian masses who feel cheated out of their democratic franchise by the overthrow of Morsi.

They won't soon forget that both PM Netanyahu and President Peres wasted no time in congratulating al-Sisi on his election victory. The fact of a moderate Muslim being overthrown in favour of a Likud-friendly General has "blowback" written all over it.

We should understand by now that the surest way to guarantee the rise of extremism is to connive in the oppression of moderates.

Will we never learn?

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