Thursday, June 26, 2014

U of Ottawa takes draconian steps to side-step accusations of fostering "rape culture"

Pretty much everybody besides Allan Rock already gets that rape culture is a close cousin of jock culture.

But Mr. Rock, a consummate political insider, is pretending he had no idea.

If that is the case, he had no business being the big dog at a serious post-secondary institution in the first place.

What has traditionally happened, and Mr. Rock is fully aware of this, is that sexual predation on the part of elite athletes is given the nod-and-wink treatment on university campuses.

Obviously, if some drunken undergrad female treated half the football team to a leg-spread, it could only be because she wanted to. After all, it was HER idea to show up at an after-game party and drink too much. We must hold young people to account...

The problem with the U of Ottawa case is that they're punishing a whole lot of people who had nothing to do with the offensive behaviour. While it may be true that some of those innocent guys didn't do enough to call their guilty peers on their behaviour, that doesn't absolve university admin from their responsibility.

I think Allan Rock needs to give himself a suspension.

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