Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NEWS FLASH: US has been funding "al Qaeda" for years!

This blog about Ghassan Hitto from well over a year ago pretty much spells out how the US is funding its own enemies.


So it can have enemies!

After all, the death merchants who profit so handsomely from one US war after another have zero interest in peace.

If they can influence foreign policy with respect to Iraq or Ukraine or Georgia or anywhere else that a little local disagreement can be blown into a potentially world-threatening catastrophe, they are good to go.

When you read the various points of view about how ISIS came "out of nowhere" to threaten the imaginary stability of the Middle East, you will realize that no matter which narrative finally triumphs, it is the American/NATO war profiteers who will win in the end.

Even when they lose on the ground they will win on the balance sheet.

And that, from the point of view of the American capitalist war profiteers, is how you spell "victory".

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