Monday, June 2, 2014

Bowe Bergdahl and the hypocrisy of the Republican hard-liners

Bowe Bergdahl.

You have to admit that's a name that has screen-play written all over it.

I sincerely hope Bowe makes many millions profiting from his ordeal.

He's paid his dues... let him cash in is what I say.

Prisoner exchanges are a matter of routine in any conflict, and a five-for-one tells me the US struck a relatively hard bargain. Far better than the 1,027-for-one that our Israeli friends managed in the Gilad Shalit swap.

Nevertheless, the usual crew of Obama-haters is going ape-shit over this. It sets a precedent. It will encourage the kidnap of more servicemen. It demonstrates America's weakness because, after all, we could have nuked the entire country and REALLY taught the towellers a lesson.

Instead, we've demonstrated that common sense and common decency are not entirely dead in America.

Is that a bad thing?

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