Friday, June 20, 2014

The imminent resurrection of Ahmed Chalabi

There's a blast from the past!

If you recall the glory days of American vengeance, those high-octane months leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the name "Ahmed Chalabi" should ring a few bells.

Chalabi faded from view as the Iraq cake-walk became a blood-soaked morass. Rumour had it he was lying low in Iran, living off the many millions the US government had kindly provided for his insights and influence in the Iraqi political sphere.

Both his insights and his influence turned out to be bogus, but that's not preventing no less an authoritative authority than the New York Times to moot him as a future presidential candidate once we rid ourselves of the reviled democratically elected al Maliki.

US policy has never had so many fighting roosters coming home to roost at the same time. ISIS is entirely a US foreign policy creation; trained, financed, and equipped by America via a clique of American allies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey) to oust that evil dictator in Syria. Little did the American policy wonks anticipate that their ISIS puppets might grow an independent streak and head south to Baghdad instead of west to Damascus.

So we are faced with a mess that is entirely the result of American over-reach. America armed and trained the Iraqi defence forces. America armed and trained the ISIS "terrorists" now threatening their bumboy in Baghdad.

We are witnessing blowback writ large...

And Ahmed Chalabi will save the day?

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