Sunday, June 8, 2014

Things that break a father's heart

For well over the first year of his life, I walked Junior to sleep every night to the Supertramp LP Crime of the Century.

By his early teens I was driving him to gigs here and there. By then he was showing some promise as a guitarist. By the time he was 16 or 17 he could howl out blues standards that sounded like they came from the belly of a 75 year old Delta lifer...

Then it all went to hell. Electronic music. Future funk. Vaporwave. I have no clue what any of that means.

But if you're anything as a parent, you don't give up on your kid just because he joins a cult or a gang or gets mixed up with electronic music. As painful as it is, you can never give up.

So we keep in touch.

The other day he tells me he's been doing a remix for some guy named Jack Stanton.

Who's that?

Oh some guy who went to Oxford for art.

After five minutes on the Google-ator I realize he's talking about Jack Stanton who just won the Saatchi New Sensations award!

OK, so I still don't get electronic music, but if he's working with guys like this, he must be pretty good at what he does.

Now if I could only get him back to rock and blues...

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