Monday, June 2, 2014

Ontario rocked by OPP attack ads

Yes, it's true, not only rocked, but "reeling", according to Toronto Sun columnist Christina Blizzard.

First of all, that's not an "attack" ad, it's a defensive ad. It's Hudak who attacked all public servants by promising to fire 100,000 of them. What's so nefarious about some of those public servants buying advertising time to remind Ontario who they work for, and ask who Tim Hudak works for?

The article is a prime example of how the SUN uses the politics of envy to stir up controversy. An OPP officer makes 90k after three years on the job? Good for them! That's not seen as too rich by anyone who has had an emergency that requires immediate police attention. It's only seen as too rich by $15/hr folks who despise anyone who earns more than them. Maybe they should consider unionizing.

As for those small towns that whine about the cost of OPP policing, they remain perfectly free to maintain their own police squads and not opt into OPP contracts. The reason they don't is that they conclude that OPP coverage, pricey as it may seem, is the more cost-effective option.

As for the insinuation that Tim Hudak will henceforth be looking over his shoulder because he can't trust his OPP bodyguards... well, that's just stupid.

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