Thursday, June 19, 2014

You meet the nicest people in rehab

...and I should know. Been there, done that, more than once.

So I can't help but wonder how things are faring out for Mayor Ford.

He had that thing with his fancy SUV being hi-jacked by the cops because some drunken fellow rehab denizen was driving it at the time.

That's nothing.

When my  brother "the Kid" was in rehab, he "borrowed" a car and ended up in the most spectacular crash the locals could recall... the Kid himself ended up 400 meters from the crash site. Shook himself off and walked away.

God looks out for drunks and scoundrels... so long as they're basically decent people of course.

But as I was saying, my personal rehab experiences were enough that I should write a book... my roommate was a kid who ran out of stuff to stick in his arm, and, being in an (obviously) impaired state of mind, decided a syringe of Jack Daniels would be the ticket to nirvana.

His daddy found him turning blue with that needle still stuck in his arm. As a daddy, I cannot begin to fathom the horror of that moment.

As a guy who's been to rehab a couple of times, I can see the humour in it.

I wouldn't want to speculate on how things are going for Mayor Ford in rehab. He's probably the big dog in his program. That's not a good thing.

When I was doing my rehab I was in there with a big-time music producer, a waitress who'd been quaffing a quart of Bacardi a day, and a few senior civil servants who were apparently seriously shit-faced when they were composing the back-grounders for the perusal of their respective ministers.

Maybe that's why we closed the Iran embassy?

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