Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The murky trail that links the US government to 9/11

The 9/11 conspiracy types who have long linked the US government to 9/11 won't find any surprises here.

It's become overwhelmingly obvious that the US government has of late been supporting elements of al Qaeda in the battle to bring down Syria's government.

Bringing down the Assad government is not a new idea. American policy wonks were having wet dreams about that back in 2003.

James Akin made the case then for regime change in Syria.

James Akin was a top-drawer kind of guy from the oil industry who assumed that it was his prerogative to dictate foreign policy to the government of the USA.

His dreams are coming true, thanks to al Qaeda franchise ISIS.

The question is, when did America begin funding these supposedly anti-American Muslim terrorists?

Given al Qaeda's roots in the Afghan conflict, it would seem that the US has been funding terror since well before 9/11.


Because the war profiteers desperately need enemies.

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