Thursday, June 5, 2014

Netanyahu: thousands of new settler homes no obstacle to peace

I don't know what sort of "peace" you'd be working on when you're building thousands of new homes on occupied territory.

I suppose it's the kind of peace that says "Yassa Massa."

The peace of acquiescence.

The peace of the defeated.

The peace that comes with the abject defeat of the other...

While the dominant narrative in Western media does not yet recognize the Nakba or the struggle for justice in Palestine, we cannot pretend that struggle does not exist.

The more that popular culture regurgitates the truisms of the colonialist narrative, the more clearly we recognize our complicity...

Which is why the fact of the rock and roll rebels, the Rolling Stones, landing in Israel at this moment in history, is fraught with a thousand layers of disquiet...

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