Monday, June 23, 2014

Messiah takes wrong turn, pops up in Pakistan!

Perhaps He was relying on Google Maps?

Considering that he has a bigger following than any politician living in Canada, you don't hear much about Tahirul Qadri. It's Harper this and Kenney that but Mr. Qadri is 99% below the media radar.  Maybe that's because while he lives in Canada most of his followers live in Pakistan.

And over there he is a definite headline grabber. In fact, he's probably the biggest story in the land at this moment. He has returned home and promised Pakistan a "peaceful revolution."

Suuure!... that's what they all say!

There are some interesting parallels in the career trajectory of Qadri and Fethulla Gulen. Both claim to be peace-loving men of God, messengers for a benevolent Allah. Both spend most of their time living among infidels, Qadri in Toronto, Gullen in Pennsylvania. Both are allegedly being groomed by Western security agencies for leadership roles in the Islamic world.

So what is the significance of Tahirul Qadri turning up in Islamibad at this point in time?

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