Saturday, June 14, 2014

University of Waterloo recognizes Great White Men

The University of Waterloo once extended to yours truly an Offer of Admittance. Lucky for them I never took them up on it and eventually graduated instead from the U of Goo ("Why in hell would ya wanna go there?... nothing at U of Goo but steers 'n queers" a concerned academic counsellor warned) and Outhouse College, where I distinguished myself as Captain of the Drinking Team.

But enough about me. According to a full-page ad in today's Globe the University of Waterloo flourished after my snub and is celebrating its greatness and commitment to innovation, discovery, and academic excellence by bestowing honorary degrees on ten Great White Men. (I'll admit I'm relying on the pictures in making that judgement, and there's a possibility the Higgins chap has a non-Caucasian ancestor or two in his family tree, and if that is the case I apologize.)

Everybody knows how the honorary degree game is played. Universities honour prominent individuals with their honorary degrees in hopes that some of that individual's perceived prestige will reflect well on the institution. And while I know nothing about the accomplishments of the ten worthies chosen to be honoured at the Spring 2014 Convocation ceremonies, I must say I am shocked that every one of them is a white male.

That such a coincidence would slip unnoticed past the vetting committee at a serious university, in this era of inclusiveness, in this land of diversity, is scandalous indeed!

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