Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Canada's hypocrisy on democracy

As I write this reports are coming out of Syria that exit polls show President al-Assad leading the presidential election with an estimated 90% of the vote. Small wonder; any meaningful opposition has long been banned and driven underground.

Today Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was announced the official winner of Egypt's presidential election with over 96% of the vote. Small wonder; the only serious opposition has been banned and driven underground.

Here's Foreign Minister John Baird on the Egyptian election;

“The conclusion of voting in Egypt’s presidential election is a key step along Egypt’s path to democracy.
“We are encouraged by early reports that the overall security situation was peaceful throughout the country during the election. Preliminary results indicate the likely winner will be presidential candidate Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. We look forward to the confirmed results of the election.
“Canada is committed to supporting Egypt in making a peaceful and meaningful transition to democracy, based on respect for human rights, freedom and the rule of law. This transition is an important opportunity to give the Egyptian people the stability and prosperity they desire.”

Here he is a few days later on Syria's election;

“It is quite simply fraud to claim legitimacy in rigged elections while simultaneously killing your electorate. A legitimate Syrian government can result only from the country’s transition to a democratic, pluralistic state. Legitimacy comes from the will of all Syrians, not just from fearfully oppressed or blindly loyal privileged citizens.
“Canada refuses to lend these sham elections any credibility. Instead, we will continue to work hard toward a political solution to the conflict and to help prioritize and meet the needs of the Syrian people in their fight for true democracy.”

Two sham elections, two radically different responses... why?

Al-Sisi runs a US/NATO client state. Al-Assad doesn't.

All that fluff about human rights, freedom, democracy, rule of law etc. is just window dressing.

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