Thursday, June 26, 2014

ISIS: Obama's witless dupes in the Levant

The commentariat is agog at the goings on in the Middle East these last couple of weeks. Listen to 101 pundits and you'll get 101 opinions about what's what and why.

Lucky for you, you've dialled into the one site that will give you the straight skinny, the real goods, the TRUTH.

First of all, be sure that ISIS is entirely a creation of the West. Like the Talibs circa mid 1980's, after being financed and trained and generously armed by the West, they unexpectedly developed an independent streak.

The technical term for that is "biting the hand that feeds you".

Some of the more historically literate pundits claim that what is unfolding today is the realization of the so-called Yinon Plan of 1982. Oded Yinon saw the the future of the greater Middle East dominated by greater Israel, lording it over a bunch of fractured and crippled Arab states.

That may still be the wet dream of hard-core Zionists today, but what they would do well to remember is that Yinon was writing even before the first Intifada. Israel has changed; the neighbourhood has changed.

No longer do Palestinians prostrate themselves before Israel's armed might. They've got four year olds out there throwing rocks at the IDF for god's sakes!

No, I think any meaningful discussion about the current situation would do well to avoid the Yinon Plan as a point of reference.

What's not getting a lot of media traction is the fact that ISIS is running wild in Iraq because they've essentially lost the war in Syria. Those thousands of hardened fighters are marching on Baghdad instead of Damascus for a reason. The reason is that Assad has faced the best we could muster, and he's winning.

ISIS in Iraq these last two weeks is 100% blowback.  Nothing more and nothing less.

This does not mean they will burn themselves out in the wastelands of western Iraq. They've got the will and the fire-power to wreak havoc in places less committed to their expulsion than Assad's Syria...

Like Jordan, for example.

The Hashemite Kingdom is a sitting duck. While the Obama regime may not raise a barrel in anger over the disintegration of Iraq, they will defend Jordan with all available means.

And so will Israel.

No one, but no one, in the halls of power in Tel Aviv or Washington, will tolerate an ISIS occupation of the land just across the Jordan River from the Holy Land. And since we've been arming and training these back-stabbing shits for years, we know they have the fire-power to threaten every city and town and village in Israel.

To summarize; if we'd stuck to minding our own business, none of this would be our problem. Since we've created another Frankenstein, it is our problem. When Jordan is in play, there will be massive US intervention.

And that will be the end of our latest Frankenstein, ISIS.

But it will not be the end of "radical Islam". Every radical we eliminate will have a dozen sons/nephews/cousins etc who will be radicalised by their elimination.

Sooner or later, we're going to have to sit down and talk to our enemies, instead of just making more of them.

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