Friday, June 27, 2014

Nobody believes in America anymore

They say they do and then they don't.

They say they will and then they won't.

They say they might and then they pretend they never said any such thing.

That's America on the world stage circa 2014.

But in America you've still got a good percentage of the populace believing the bullshit.

Let's nuke the towel-heads and teach them a lesson for the ages.

General Motors failed because unions messed them up.

Detroit went down the shitter because the unions messed up General Motors.

America should subsidize Israel instead of Detroit because that's what the Bible says.

Taxes kill jobs.

The minimum wage kills jobs.

Raising the minimum wage would kill more jobs.

Universal health care is communism.

Obama is a Kenyan.

Obama is a Muslim.

Rich people create jobs.

Poor people are lazy.

The military is under-funded.

Teachers are overpaid...

And so on.

Whatever happened to patriotism and apple pie and all that good stuff?

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