Friday, June 13, 2014

World Cup fever!

Like, what is that all about?

Otherwise sane people book a month of holiday time and refi the house so they can go to Brazil for a month to be accosted by pickpockets and prostitutes.

Oh, and watch some soccer games... or "football" as the fans like to style it.

The aficionados refer to it as "the beautiful game".

I refer to it as a beautiful opportunity for a nap. Most matches you can safely snooze out for an hour when the score is 0-0, and odds are when you wake up an hour later the score will be 0-0. You obviously missed nothing.

Compared to watching a soccer game, a Sunday afternoon watching the NASCAR boys negotiate 2000 left turns at Bristol is a veritable aneurysm of sporting excitement. At least at Bristol there is always the possibility that something might happen.

As I write this I have an eye on the Rangers-Kings game. The Rangers just tied it up. There is more excitement in any ten minutes of an NHL playoff game than there is going to be in the next two weeks in Brazil.

And how about that NBA final! Talk about sporting excitement! The NBA makes the NHL look like soccer! Who could ever image the Heat down 3-1? And seeing 200 points scored in a game is routine... that would take twenty years of dedicated viewership to see in professional "football".

Rangers just went up a goal... sorry, I gotta sign off and give that game my full attention...

If I was watching soccer, I'd be lying down for a nap.

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