Sunday, June 8, 2014

Everybody wrong on Russia except Stephen Harper and Postmedia News

Matthew Fisher is one of the few non-interns still writing copy for the Postmedia News conglomerate. As we all know by now, Postmedia is less a news org and more an artifice to enrich a few bond vultures.

But no matter, they still get more eyeballs than virtually any other Canadian news platform, which is why it's worthwhile to dissect the nonsense espoused by "roving international correspondent" Matt Fisher.

Yessiree, Canada stands alone in standing up to the bully on the world stage; Russia.

Hmm... how is such a thing even possible?

After all, every one of our European allies has far greater proximity to and far greater experience with Russia. How is it possible that our very own Big Steve is alone aware of the Russian threat?

If you look for them, it won't be hard to find the stats that suggest that Canada is reneging on it's NATO obligations. Canada keeps shrinking it's percent of GDP devoted to military expenditures, to the point where we are now about half of the 2% commitment demanded of all NATO members.

But you'd never guess that from listening to Stephen Harper.

Or Matt Fisher.

So the weasels in Berlin and Paris are all about facilitating Russian expansionism? The only "expansion" we have seen was the repossession of Ukraine, which happened after a referendum and without a shot being fired.

That is a very benign contrast to most NATO adventures we have witnessed this century.

According to Fisher, the Germans are scared that the biggest market for Mercedes and BMW might dry up if they get serious about sanctions. Fisher simply makes this shit up. Russia has never been the biggest or most profitable market for German carmakers.

And Hollande is interested in keeping a few thousand French shipyard workers working. Good for him. That's his job!

Fisher goes so far as to offer a war-mongering quote from WWII era US General Lucias Clay that the only thing Russians understand is force.

Yup, we gotta slap them Russians down, and slap 'em down good so they remember their place. That's the rationale for sending 75 Canadian troops to Poland this week. Yes, we're all business, we Canadians are...

That gesture was too pathetic to even be considered laughable.

The real reason for Harper's anti-Russian agenda, as most people know but Fisher never gets around to acknowledging, is that Harper thinks those million-plus Ukrainian-Canadians will win the next Canadian election for him to reward him for his non-stop Russophobia.

It's a sad state of affairs when this country's foreign policy is dictated by a small bloc of hyphenated Canadians.

It's even sadder when one of our biggest media concerns connives in that sorry undertaking.

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