Sunday, June 29, 2014

What ISIS sees in Baghdad: Satan's smorgasbord, Beelzebub's buffet, Lucifer's lunch, the Devil's dinner table...

At this very moment you've got Russian technicians assembling those fighter jets for the Iraq Air Force, on the ground in Baghdad, if not doing a whole lot more well beyond...

You've got American "advisers", on the ground in Baghdad and beyond.

You've got Iranian "advisers", on the ground in Baghdad and well beyond...

From the point of view of those ISIS revolutionaries, they've never had such a conglomeration of their enemies together in one place!

No wonder they've got a massive boner for Baghdad!

So we should not be surprised that they are intent on doing God's... I should say Allah's work in the capital of the apostate state of Iraq.

And the fact that they intend to do it in their Nike sneakers and with their American firearms just lends a measure of globalist cred to their Jihad, wouldn't you think?

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham has got the momentum going at the moment. I wouldn't bet against them, at least in the short term. Some of the more fragile American dependencies in the area, like Saudi Arabia and Jordan, will collapse when the first Toyotas show up on the horizon.

Others, like the most militarized state in the Middle East, coincidentally also its only democracy, as we are perpetually reminded, have the wherewithal to put up more of a fight.

Hard to believe that an insurgency that we organized, we trained, we armed, and we funded can suddenly have us on edge...

If that's not an argument for staying home and minding our business, I don't know what is.

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