Monday, July 21, 2014

Al Jazeera's relentless anti-Putin fear-mongering

I like Al Jazeera because it's a reliable if somewhat slanted news source. Once you can reliably discern the slant you know what to look for and what to discard.

The Qatar-funded news platform certainly has a degree of anti-American and anti-Israel cred. Otherwise you wouldn't see Israel's inveterate hate-monger FM Lieberman lobbying to have them kicked out of Israel. After all, they are among the prime proliferationists in that proliferation of "telegenic" dead baby pictures coming out of Gaza.

Nor would you have seen "the Shrub" plot to bomb them ten years ago.

While their anti-Israel and anti-USA bona fides may have a wiff of legitimacy, the guy they really hate is Russia's Putin.

Witness this spot of anti-Putin fear-mongering; Moldova, under the influence.

Yup, Moldova could be next... could be over-run in a matter of hours...

Well, it could be, just like Canada could be over-run by the US in a matter of hours, or Monaco could be over-run by France in a few hours, or Liechtenstein could be over-run by Austria in a matter of hours...

But there is utterly no reason to expect that such a thing would happen. These stories are fabrications of NATO PR hacks who constantly need to find more imaginary threats to justify the continued existence of a bureaucratic behemoth that has long outlived its mandate.

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