Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Papering over the cracks in the House of Israel

Naftali Bennett was one of the invited speakers at the Haaretz Peace Conference today. Bennett leads the Jewish Home Party. The main difference between Jewish Home Party and Likud is that Netanyahu still pays lip service to the idea of a Palestinian state.

At some level Bennett should be respected for his honesty. He doesn't mind admitting that there will never be a Palestinian state. There will be no two state solution. There will be no peace among equals.


Netanyahu shares those beliefs. Unfortunately, he's been caught flat-footed by a photogenic contender coming up on his right.

That's why Netanyahu needs this latest war with Hamas. He's got to underline his maximalist bona fides. Yes, the words "two state solution" may have passed his lips once or twice, but look, he is a man of action who knows how to give the terrorists a good hard slap...

There are many in Israel who find both Netanyahu and Bennett and the entire maximalist project repugnant. Just how many is a matter of conjecture. Surely anyone living on the other side of the Green Line has in effect voted with their feet, and many on the Israeli side of the Green Line sympathize with the maximalist viewpoint too.

But there are certainly many who don't, and needless to say, many of those would be represented at the Haaretz Peace pow-wow.

Which is why it's not a complete shock that Bennett's message of exclusion and ethnic cleansing would not be embraced in that venue. But still, an actual physical assault on the man was unexpected.

What spells out the deep divide in Israeli society is the reaction to this news.

Check out the comments after the article. It's an unfortunate but all too common example of Jew-on-Jew hate speech:

  • Jeffrey Marson ·  Top Commenter · Cornell University
    No wonder they're called, "The Left." It's obvious they've left behind all their logic, reason, and sanity.

    • Joel Fisher ·  Top Commenter · St. John's University
      Despicable leftist hypocrites. They came to a peace convention - but these Haaretz sycophants don't want real peace - they want Haaretz peace - peace at the expense of zionism

      • Boris Ryvkin ·  Top Commenter · Cornell
        Lucky for the attacker that Bennett's bodyguards whisked him away. I am for avoiding violence, but Bennett could probably have broken the leftist puncher in half or maybe in thirds. Are these bozos not aware that Bennett served in not one, but two elite IDF special forces units? Best not to screw with someone like that.

        • Jack Shuman ·  Top Commenter
          ok-college boy geniuses------what was going thru your mind when bibi was announcing settlement building in the face of any possible peace initiative?what went thru your mind when bibi chose to release prisoners rather than a settlement freeze?. what do think about the fact that there is no security wall where kids were kidnapped and killed?. greedy settlers wanted no wall so they could expand. what did u think would happen after bibi has stuck his thumb in everybodys eye for 5 years.? what do u think will happen to investment capital flows if tel aviv is hit? couldnu not envision todays events----1 year ago? if not your wasting mommy and daddys money.
          but just blame it on those leftys

          • Patti Moss ·  Top Commenter

          • akiva48 (signed in using AOL)
            The left of Israel politics is basically a call for a godless non-Jewish state. They are self Jew hating communists who wish the term Jew could be eliminated.

        • yyjm77 (signed in using yahoo)
          The leftist bolshevik Joseph Goebels Followers Haaretz Journalist must be tried for high treason and hanged like Eichman.Israel needs a million Great Tzadik like Yigal Amir to destroy the traitor erev rav leftists a million great Tzadik like Dr Baruch Goldstein to destroy all the arabs and a thousands of Meir Kahana to be the Prime Minister and Minister of the goverment and the leaders communities

        • Steve Klein ·  Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed
          Punched Bennett in the back? My goodness. That was not too courageous.

          • John Levine ·  Top Commenter · Works atWeighmaster, facilitator
            BENNETT IS MY GUY FOR NEXT PRIME MINISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Jack Shuman ·  Top Commenter
              ive been baiting and insulting right wing commentors like that idiot jeffrey marston but this is over the edge.
              with regard to occupation and settlements im way left of karl marx but this is gross.jeffrey marston its alright to have strong opinions but your cognitive process is distorted-----jewish kool-aid try a different religion for a while. take joel fisher to church with u.

              • Yani Haigh ·  Top Commenter · Works atXslaves.com
                Yes peace is clearly a left wing agenda and brutal repression on of the right. No one cares what Bennett has to say about peace because the only thing he has to say is about piece, a bigger piece.

                If he got booed at a peace conference maybe it was because he never talked about peace. Drrr!

                • brenrod·  Top Commenter (signed in using yahoo)
                  the left like the arabs only understand violence. that is why they were purged and disappeared in chile and argentina. Their tactics bring back revenge, just like the arabs. Afterwards they whine like little girls.

                  • Samir Halabi ·  Top Commenter · Works at France, Israel, Italy and the UK
                    These Leftist Jewish traitors should be thrown out of Israel into Gaza, then see how they like it there.
                    Why do 'Kharrah' like this live in Israel?

                    • Finally Free ·  Top Commenter · Works atUnderground in New Class Central
                      Lefties looking for fascists: turn to the mirror and you will see them.

                      • Karol Yanovshcinski ·  Top Commenter · Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
                        another disgusting forum, stains of muddle east

                        • David Dahl ·  Top Commenter
                          Civil war coming to Israel soon. Get armed and get in shape!

                          • Patti Moss ·  Top Commenter
                            You couldn't be more wrong.

                          • Yaron Buki ·  Top Commenter · Katzrin
                            Only in your wet dreams. These are loons, most Israelis don't see Bennett as the extremist.

                        • Finally Free ·  Top Commenter · Works atUnderground in New Class Central
                          Haaretz should be called HaEres!!!

                          • Hans Peter ·  Top Commenter
                            Those peacenicks seem to have lost all their senses.
                            What a ridiculuous group of bigots and traitors.
                            No wonder the world's antisemites treat Israel like shit if they can count on such stable support from Israel within.
                            What a disgrace, those left hypocrites.

                            We've gone far beyond "vigorous debate" here. This is nothing but Jew-on-Jew hate speech. 

                            But let us bury our differences by focusing on a common enemy...

                            All aboard for the next Gaza adventure!

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