Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Friends don't let friends commit genocide

Where are all those "friends of Israel" when she really needs them?

Not to goad on the current assault on Gaza, which has become untethered from even the most tenuous ties to reality, but to put the brakes on a campaign that has degenerated into a maniacal mission of vengeance.

Targeting the Gaza power station because it's a "symbol of Hamas?" What kind of bullshit is that? Yes, on some abstract level that may be true, but on a concrete level it's only a power generating station that provides 1.8 million people with electricity.

Operation "Protective Edge/Over the Cliff" was a totally fabricated piece of political theatre to begin with, designed to destroy the Hamas/Fatah reunion. It was never about saving Israel from those terror rockets that are mostly known for not hitting anything.

Let's try to get some perspective; in the 15 years before Netanyahu embarked on this dark adventure, Gaza rockets had claimed a total of 28 lives. In fifteen years... that's barely a month's worth of traffic fatalities!

Twice that number of IDF have given their lives to this political theatre over the past three weeks. Where is the sense in that?

To say nothing of the lives lost on the other side, lives that apparently count for nothing in Netanyahu's war calculus, which is another huge mistake. Every son who lost a father and every father who has lost a son in Gaza these past three weeks has a justifiable thirst for vengeance that will play out for decades.

How does that promote peace?

So where are those who profess to be friends of Israel? In the periphery you have the Harper and Baird types who cannot find anything to say, even after three weeks of outrageously one-sided carnage, other than "Israel has a right to defend itself."

On the main stage, you have the Americans, at least pretending to try to make peace.

"Pretending" is the operative word here. All the drama of flying back and forth to here and there and consulting with this party and that is pure schlock theatre.

Obama could end this with one phone call.

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