Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pot-addled blogger predicts Gaza missile crisis AND Libya meltdown three years ago

Told ya so.

OK, so I was wrong about Gaddafi getting to Gaza to play chess...

But plenty of other stuff apparently made it to Gaza.

As for Libya, NATO, aka "the Nations of Virtue," have long since washed their hands of the failed state that they rendered a failed state.

Before NATO's glorious victory over Gaddafi, Libya was the most prosperous country on the African continent by a wide margin.

Gaddafi's subjects enjoyed free or subsidized housing, education, health care, foreign travel... but none of that was good enough in the eyes of the Nations of Virtue.

Because the Monster of the Maghreb was promoting pan-African unity and acting like a pied piper wanting to lead all those black folks out of the US sphere of influence.

No way was Uncle Sam gonna sit still for that...

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