Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Before it's News gets tens of thousands of pageviews for retarded gibberish

Today's top story at Before it's News is about demonic faces appearing in the skies above Arizona.

Ya, right!

And I've got crop circles spelling out that Moshe Feiglin is the Messiah!

I'd prefer to keep that quiet though, because Feiglin is likely to believe it. Especially if The Oracle has spoken via crop circles.

But seriously, where do those pageviews come from?

One thing I've noticed frequently is that when a blog-post is getting a lot of traction, as in dozens of pageviews in the first few minutes, it will suddenly hit a wall. I know that doesn't just happen to me, it happens to plenty of bloggers who appear on Before it's News.

Even more miraculously, the pageview count can actually go down. Yup, you can have 125 hits ten minutes after you publish... and a half hour later you'll be down to 75!

How is such a thing possible?

If you follow who is publishing the top stories of the day at Before it's News, the rubbish about aliens and the NWO etc, you'll find that it's almost always written by B4 insiders.

Looks to me like those sly dogs have engineered the software to re-direct my pageviews to other sites, and not just mine, of course, but anybody who is not an insider.

That's how silly twaddle like this has got over 1,000 views in the last hour!

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