Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obama to mediate Middle East cease-fire

That's not a good news story. That's a save-Netanyahu-from-the-consequences-of-his-stupidity story.

And why should Obama be doing that for Netanyahu?

No, far better to let Netanyahu follow through. I don't think Hamas has got the message yet. There still remains considerable attitude on their part. The good sharp slap has thus far failed to shut them up.

Slap them harder.

Send the ground forces in there, Bibi.

Let's find out once and for all what kinds of anti-tank weapons might have got through those tunnels before your friend al-Sisi took the helm in Egypt.

The beauty of an air campaign against an enemy that has neither an air force or air defences is that you're going to come out looking pretty good.

As in "oh look, we killed 2,000 terrorists and all we got was a guy who scraped his knee..."

But if the terrorists are still sending rockets to Tel Aviv, the people will have their doubts.

So root out those terrorists once and for all, Bibi, as you have promised.

Send in the ground troops.

That's what Hamas is waiting for.

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