Friday, July 18, 2014

Will Puffy Duffy take down Big Steve?

The news that the RCMP have charged Canadian Senator Mike Duffy with 31 counts of fiscal hanky-panky has raised eyebrows across the land.

Are the RCMP out to get Duffy, or are they after Big Steve?

After all, these 31 counts should be before the courts and all over the front pages during the run-up to the 2015 federal election.

Teflon Steve might have a few awkward moments if he is called as a witness, as he inevitably will be. After all, he's the guy who made the Puffster a Senator, and he's the guy who so ruthlessly cut him loose when the so-called "expense scandal" hit the fan.

Which I thought was rude, because by all accounts Duffy was a loyal foot-soldier in the Harper legion, and a damned effective fund-raiser.

As for the expense scandal itself, that seems to be a case of changing times. What Senators have traditionally got away with they can't anymore.

Yesterday's norms are today's no-no's.

What everybody is looking forward to is the court grappling with the question of how that $90,000 cheque from Nigel Wright was not a bribe when Nigel handed it to Mike, but became one when Mike trousered it.

How does that work?

Maybe it's because Nigel is a Big Money guy, an insider at Onex, whereas Duffy is, underneath it all, a regular schmuck who made good.

It's gonna be a good show!

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