Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The man with no shame

I see where Phoney Tony has signed on as an advisor to Egypt`s dictator-cum-democratically-elected President, Generalissimo al-Sisi.

As usual in these high-profile assignments, Tony claims he`s not in it for the money, but the man has such an outstanding record of making altruism pay that the many millions of pounds and shekels and dollars that accrue to his bank account every year (and how little tax he pays) have become the subject of awe and wonderment in the British press.

And he certainly knows the neighbourhood; he's been the "Middle East Peace Envoy" for years now, and we all know how swimmingly that's going.

While The Guardian piece claims Tony is to be strictly an economic adviser, it hard to imagine such a renaissance man holding himself to the dry confines of the dismal science. Tony is, after all, God spokesperson on earth, and as such is eminently qualified to act as al-Sisi`s spiritual adviser as well.

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