Thursday, July 10, 2014

Israeli sources predict imminent ground attack on Gaza

That's from the very well connected folks at Debkafile.

While they tend to the paranoid end of the spectrum, this might well be a time where paranoia is justifiable.

Frankly, a look at the map in that article should give you pause for thought. Not that anybody gives a shit about your thoughts, but it should give Bibi and the Big Dogs pause for thought.

We know that no matter how much al-Sisi may love Israel, his control of the Sinai is tenuous at best. Who knows what's out there and what it can hit?

We know there are ISIS sympathizers throughout Jordan, including many embedded in the military. How long will they remain silent, and what can they get their hands on when they decide not to be silent any more?

And along the Syria and Lebanon borders, it is virtually impossible to know who has what and what they intend to do with it. Suffice it to say their arsenals are vastly greater than what the Hamas rump in Gaza has available.

Netanyahu is on the threshold of widening a war that only Uncle Obama can get him out of if things go out of control.

And that's a really dicey bet.

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