Friday, July 4, 2014

Goodluck gives up on Boko Haram, goes after Super Eagles instead

Compared to Boko Haram, the Super Eagles were sitting ducks.

The Eagles fell in the round of 16 to France. All in all, not that bad a showing, but Goodluck needs some positives for the front pages and was hoping the national football team would provide it.

Hardluck Jonathan subsequently ordered the arrest of the team president on his return from the World Cup.

That got the attention of global football rulers FIFA, who promptly slapped down Noluck's extra-curricular judicial efforts.

Bear in mind that this is the same President who has retained a top Washington PR firm, to the tune of $100,000 per month, to polish his image going into the next election.

After this fiasco, those smart white folks at Levick are going to up that to $200,000 a month!

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