Thursday, July 17, 2014

Canada PM Harper solves Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine

Yup, Big Steve knows the score.

With no evidence whatsoever, PM Harper went public with what really happened to MH17.

It was Russian aggression.


While we must give Mr. Harper credit for showing enough self-restraint to not name Putin personally, I think we all get the drift of what is meant by "Russian aggression".

Harper and his Tonto, the always blustery Foreign Minister John Baird, have done more to besmirch Canada's image on the world stage than the last 100 years worth of bureaucrats from the Deep North.

From being a genteel "middle-power" in the Pearson era, Canada has morphed into the loudest cheerleader for the fascist, racist, state of Israel, and the neo-fascist putschists in Kyiv.

All for the sake of scoring a few votes from right-wing Jews and right-wing Ukrainians in the next election.


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