Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's not just the telegenic dead babies; Israel's public image goes down the toilet

The "greatest leader since Moses" got some bad press recently for his cynical remarks about how the "telegenic dead" are being ruthlessly exploited by Hamas to make Israel look bad.

That's the trouble with dead babies; gift dozens of dead babies to people like Hamas, and God only knows what the opportunistic bastards might do with them... surely it was predictable that some of them would end up in the international media.

Telegenic dead are common in conflicts everywhere, but in Israel the dead babies are getting lots of help from people whom one might expect to know better.

For example, here is Professor Mordechai Kedar of Bar Ilan University musing about using rape as a terror deterrent. Such a gift is beyond anything the Hamas propaganda department could possibly make up.

And here's another upbeat headline guaranteed to bring joy to anti-Semites everywhere; "Jewish law permits destruction of Gaza to bring safety to Israel."

Is this what Israel is becoming?

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