Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ukraine; Yats bails as country circles drain

Arseniy "Yats" Yatseniuk, the Ukrainian PM "democratically elected" last February by US ambassador Geoff Pyatt and State Department no. 2 Victoria Nuland, has announced that he is abandoning ship. He will no doubt turn up soon in a non-teaching "teaching post" at a prominent American University, or as a "senior fellow" at a big-name think tank. Maybe both!

After all, he deserves it, having done what he could to deliver his country into the apparently not-too-eager arms of the West.

While the West is keen to use Ukraine as a tool to browbeat Putin, thus far they have been somewhat niggardly in coming up with tangible support. Just today it emerged that Canada, by far the loudest booster of Ukraine's turn to the West, has yet to get at the paperwork involved in processing that $200 million they promised months and months ago.

Meanwhile, President Poroshenko struggles with an official army that doesn't follow orders, a "new" army made of hastily conscripted neo-fascist nutters and foreign white-power mercenaries that doesn't follow orders either, and a new sugar daddy in the EU who makes lots of promises but seems in no hurry to cover that multi-billion dollar Gazprom tab that the snubbed Putin would prefer to see cleaned up before he turns the taps back on for next winter.

Nevermind paying for this war.

These have to be trying days for The Chocolate King, as he finds himself a victim of history instead of a maker of history.

So it's forward full steam with the default strategy; hunker down in his office and issue non-stop press releases blaming Russia for everything.

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