Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to make the entire world hate Germany

Germans are a smug and arrogant people.

By and large, we don't really like smug and arrogant people that much.

Mind you, we're likely to profess otherwise when they have their boot on our neck.

This football match in Brazil is beyond salvation. We're at 7-0 and we're not done yet.


Brazil is missing their top gun, which on no account would erase a 7 goal deficit, but which will be fodder for discussion for years.

Any reasonable team management would subtlety put out the go-slow signal after a 3-0 score.


That smacks of Frau Merkel shoving more austerity up the Greeks after they're already down for the count.

Disgusting and unforgivable!

Move over Uncle Sam... there is a new bully on the world stage!

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