Sunday, July 27, 2014

Libya continues to enjoy blessings of "Operation Unified Protector"

As you may recall, that was the code name for the eight month long NATO bombing campaign against the infrastructure and government of Libya.

The Nations of Virtue don't actually win many military encounters with those pesky terrorists who insist on resisting their good intentions. That's a fact. But, goddam, do they ever deserve a prize for coming up with bullshit names for their military operations.

Operation Pillar of Bullshit.

Operation Over the Edge.

Operation Valiant Guardian...

But back to Operation Unified Protector.

Canadians were particularly pleased with this operation, because it's simply not every day that they get to drop bombs on a country with no air force or air defenses. Their pride stems in part from the fact that a Canadian was in charge of the NATO air war.

In fact, Ottawa was so chuffed they even minted a new military medal to honour our heroes.

So how are things faring out for the Libyans since we liberated them from their leader...

Not that well, as it turns out. Three years after we dispatched the Monster of the Maghreb to his reward, Libya is disintegrating into complete chaos. Even the virtuous NATO liberators are shutting down their embassies and fleeing the scene of their crime.

Hell, even that sweet Libyan crude we fought so hard to liberate is slipping from our grasp...

Somebody needs to be held to account...


Yes, it's all Gaddafi's fault!

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