Thursday, July 10, 2014

How nicotine addiction is passed to the next generation

The think-tank here at Falling Downs always has the betterment of public health as a top priority, which is why we've had to chastise Glamorous Glen Sather for firing up those stogies on national TV. Not only is he stinking up the place; he's endangering the lives of 20,000 hockey fans who are trapped in the Madison Square Garden inhaling his second hand smoke.

But that's not the worst of it! No, what is truly insidious is the effect that Glen's bad example has on impressionable youth.

Like this guy, for example;

What the hell IS that thing hanging out of Gretzky's face? When he's not smoking it, he can use it for a walking stick!

And guess where The Great One picked up that deadly habit?... Well, I don't have any PROOF proof, but the fact that Wayne got exposed to Sather's addiction when he was but an impressionable youth himself would seem to suggest the answer.

And now millions of impressionable youth of yet another generation see the greatest hockey player of all time smoking, and figure it's OK for them too!

And the deadly cycle of nicotine addiction claims another generation...

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